Working in the cloud

January 28th, 2010 by Rolf Erikson

If you work in different locations or have more than one computer plus a laptop, which you want to use in different places, it is a bit inconvenient to have files on a disk. Sure there are USB that you can use, but you are not always certain which files you should download.

The alternative is to upload the files in the cloud, ie a server that is accessible from any computer. I have tested different ones and thought Zoho was the best one for me. Mainly I use Zoho docs where I save the current document. Additionally, Zoho has a complete office suite with writing, presentation software and a database.

Although Zoho is complete there are other options, like Google Docs and My Projects. They all have a free version.

Would you like to go even further, there is icloud where you create a virtual machine in cyberspace.

On the project side, there are many options if you’re willing to pay a penny.

Cash Flow Calculator

January 28th, 2010 by Rolf Erikson

Keeping an eye on liquidity is important, not least for small businesses. It is relatively easily done with exel. But it is also useful to simulate different outcomes and see how things turn out liquidity. A simulation program you build easily in exel but there are also ready calculators.

Here is an example of Click the launch button and you get a simulation directly in a graph.

Bplans writes: Many startups and small businesses fail despite being nominally profitable. When it is time to pay the bills, cash is king. Use this handy calculator to see the effect of sales, inventory, credit terms, and other variables on your company’s cash flow.

Nytt Lek i Bloggoland!

February 21st, 2008 by Rolf Erikson

Michel-Adrian Sheppard har noterat att en ny lek eller spel finns nu på nätet. Allt har sin upprinnelse i för ett år sedan då Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me härjade på nätet.

Nu gäller det an annan rolig grej. Tag fram den närmsta boken, slå upp sidan 123, hitta den femte meningen och skriv ner de tre följande meningarna!

Jag gör ett försök, vänder mig om och hittar Ett slags vrede av Erik Ambler:

Å andra sidan , om jag inte uteslöt alla adresserna i Mougins skulle Skurleti med säkerhet få höra talas om La Soourisette när han började sina efterforskningar där. Men kunde jag utesluta dem? Han hade ju redan gjort en del frågor och det var fullt möjligt att han redan kände till Mougins-fastigheterna.

Någon som vill hänga på?

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Digital Cookbook instead of laptop

February 22nd, 2007 by Rolf Erikson

If you do not wish to use your laptop in the kitchen this can be something for you:


A digital cookbook that fits into the kitchen environment better than any laptop or printed cookbook. Recipes stored on the user’s computer are automatically synchronized through a wireless docking station and displayed on the face of the device.

Learn more at Cool business ideas!

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Fawlty Towers – Don’t Mention the War

January 9th, 2007 by Rolf Erikson

En av de bästa scenerna i Fawlty Towers

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Veckans Berthe Morisot

October 8th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

Veckans bild av Berthe Morisot är en av hennes mest berömda målningar, Vaggan. Le berceau (The Cradle)
1872 (150 Kb); Oil on canvas, 56 x 46 cm (22 x 18″); Musee d’Orsay, Paris. Vi ser här Berthes favoritmodell, sin syster Edma, med sin dotter Blanche.

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New business

September 15th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

Can be a new business.


Tetka c kulkom

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Humor about learning dogs

September 14th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

From .

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About dare to fly

September 12th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

To read The Economist is a good start of the week. Sometimes they are also funny. As in the leader, Welcome aboard, about fear of flying. I often wondered about these life-jackets. I would prefer parachutes.

From The Economist;

“GOOD morning, ladies and gentlemen. We are delighted to welcome you aboard Veritas Airways, the airline that tells it like it is. Please ensure that your seat belt is fastened, your seat back is upright and your tray-table is stowed. At Veritas Airways, your safety is our first priority. Actually, that is not quite true: if it were, our seats would be rear-facing, like those in military aircraft, since they are safer in the event of an emergency landing. But then hardly anybody would buy our tickets and we would go bust.


Your life-jacket can be found under your seat, but please do not remove it now. In fact, do not bother to look for it at all. In the event of a landing on water, an unprecedented miracle will have occurred, because in the history of aviation the number of wide-bodied aircraft that have made successful landings on water is zero.

…………… Read the whole story. It may get you thinking about security.

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Muntra upp dina vänner (även när det regnar)

September 4th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

Finns det något bättre sätt än att skicka ett kort till dina vänner. Det gör både dig och dina vänner glada. Berthe Morisot graciösa akvarell lyser upp även då det regnar.

Bilden är hämtad från Elibron varifrån du gratis kan skicka e-kort med t.ex. denna bild.

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Free eBooks at World eBook Fair!

August 5th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

Do you like reading books on your computer don’t miss the World eBook Fair! From July 4th to August 11th, 2006. you can download 1/3 million eBooks for free at

This event is brought to you by the oldest and largest free eBook source on the Internet, Project Gutenberg, with the assistance of the World eBook Library, the providers of the largest collection, and a number of other eBook efforts around the world.

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Zlatan Gum

May 23rd, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

See for yourself what Zlatan can do with a gum.


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Apply for a jobb!!

May 19th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

From Funny Pictures

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Don´t show this

May 4th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

From Funny Jokes.

Business idea about umbrella

May 4th, 2006 by Rolf Erikson

Springwise and its global network of 8,000 spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds from San Francisco to Singapore. The new business ideas are presented in their site.

I regular go there and get inspiration from some new ideas. Here is one about umbrellas.

Umbrolly, is a British umbrella vending company since two years. The company places umbrella vending units in public spaces, selling advertising space alongside brollies.

Opportunities? Umbrolly is actively seeking international distributors and franchisees, and has pointed out that smaller units mean lower start-up costs. Time to partner with them!

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