Working in the cloud

January 28th, 2010 by Rolf Erikson

If you work in different locations or have more than one computer plus a laptop, which you want to use in different places, it is a bit inconvenient to have files on a disk. Sure there are USB that you can use, but you are not always certain which files you should download.

The alternative is to upload the files in the cloud, ie a server that is accessible from any computer. I have tested different ones and thought Zoho was the best one for me. Mainly I use Zoho docs where I save the current document. Additionally, Zoho has a complete office suite with writing, presentation software and a database.

Although Zoho is complete there are other options, like Google Docs and My Projects. They all have a free version.

Would you like to go even further, there is icloud where you create a virtual machine in cyberspace.

On the project side, there are many options if you’re willing to pay a penny.

You must be able to say NO to succeed!

January 28th, 2010 by Rolf Erikson

No is an important word. It is very important to be able to say no to become successfull. That is what David Maister writes in his book.

I agree. In all activities, including private, it is important to stay focused. Having a strategy and stick to it. Then you have to say NO when it falls outside the policy and strategy. Otherwise you’re not effective. Sure it’s hard to say no to old customers, but I think they appreciate the sincerity in saying that there are others who do this much better.

It’s something to think about. David Maister reading a chapter from his book. Well worth listening to.

Cash Flow Calculator

January 28th, 2010 by Rolf Erikson

Keeping an eye on liquidity is important, not least for small businesses. It is relatively easily done with exel. But it is also useful to simulate different outcomes and see how things turn out liquidity. A simulation program you build easily in exel but there are also ready calculators.

Here is an example of Click the launch button and you get a simulation directly in a graph.

Bplans writes: Many startups and small businesses fail despite being nominally profitable. When it is time to pay the bills, cash is king. Use this handy calculator to see the effect of sales, inventory, credit terms, and other variables on your company’s cash flow.