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“If a company makes a high-quality [tag]product[/tag], but user’s don’t find it sexy or appealing, does that product exist? – and answers, You have nothing until a user wants it.”

That question was asked by Kathy Sierra. At Creating Passionate Users She has posted tips for 10 Ways to be Desireable.

Kathy Sierra has tried to explain things with help of quantum physics theme and Shrodinger’s ideas. One conclusion was, “You have nothing until a user wants it.” It wasn´t so easy to use physics so she started to think about things like listening to users, chemistry matters and desirability.

She throws out some ideas to make a product desirable. I believe some of the tips are very good like,

* Pay attention to style – Aesthetics mean more today than they did even fifteen years ago.
* Pay attention to the emotional appeal – Think packaging, website and documentation.
* Show it in action… with real people – Seeing another person using the product or enjoying the service.
* Appeal to as many senses as possible – Consider podcasts and video, or even song lyrics or poems.
* Make it meaningful – Give them something to believe in.
* Make it justifiable, so the user doesn’t have to feel guilty – Helping the user with that after-the-fact rationalization makes it that much easier.
* Never underestimate the power of fun – Show someone how you can help them have a little more fun in their life, and you might be irresistible.

Read the whole list. The tips are worth reading. The comments are also interesting as they discuss “that it’s not quite fair/correct to say that quantum physics gives a weird answer to the Schrodinger’s cat question”.
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