What about Discounts

Jin Logan has written two posts about [tag]discounts[/tag]. In the first he says,

That’s what’s wrong with discounts, they don’t take thought. Anyone can lop 20% off their price. Which make discounts unoriginal. And unoriginal doesn’t attract attention or compel. Your competitor can match your discount whenever they want and it isn’t considered copying your strategy, it’s just offering a discount……….
Instead of offering a discount, offer a bonus or premium to attract buyers. Offer something for free – a complimentary product or service, ticket, registration, subscription, etc.

In the second post Jim Logan has two exceptions, early and cash payment.

[tag]Early Payment[/tag]. If you offer terms of payment, an option is to offer a discount for completing the purchase early. For example, let’s say I offer my services payable in four equal payments, after the first or second payment, I can offer my customer a x% discount on the balance to pay in full within a set number of days.

[tag]Cash Payment[/tag]. Again, if I offer terms of payment, I can offer a x% discount for payment in full at the time of purchase. In this case, I’m passing along my cost of financing the purchase.

I agree. If you always have to give a discount means that you are calculating with wrong margins and you can jeopardize your [tag]business[/tag]. But of course early money are always good and can be worth a discount.

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