How to pass a gatekeeper with your foot

Debra Feldman has written a post about gatekeepers and how to get at foot in the door. The [tag]gatekeeper[/tag] uses criteria developed to evaluate requests. If you pass the test, you are referred to the [tag]boss[/tag]. If not, you are turned away. Debra gives six ways you can increase the odds that gatekeepers will grant you access.

  • Offer a low-risk, high-reward situation. Do your homework. Plan your presentation so it is clear, compelling, and engaging. Pique the gatekeeper’s curiosity.
  • Convince the gatekeeper that there is no reason not to offer you an appointment. If the gatekeeper believes it would be more detrimental to keep you out than to let you in, you have won!
  • The more interaction you have, the more invested the gatekeeper becomes in a relationship. So speak respectfully, be polite. Make small talk.
  • Follow the gatekeeper’s instructions, cooperate, and be pleasant. If she asks you to email a request, do it.
  • Gatekeepers can become your personal liaison. If you can win the gatekeeper’s support, he can become your ally advocating for you
  • Timing is critical. If you don’t succeed, try, try, again.
  • I think there are rather good tips so you better follow them.
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