About protecting your idea

I often heard that we cannot tell a competitor about our project because they will steal the idea. It was often very difficult to convince them that they will not steal it because of the “not invented here syndrome”

So when I read the post You can’t protect a good idea I quite agree with that view,

If I hear one more [tag]entrepreneur[/tag] say “I’ll tell you about my idea, but I need you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement first,” I think I’m going to hurl myself out of a window! I can’t think of a bigger red flag to a new [tag]business[/tag] than an entrepreneur unable to share his idea. If someone can sink your new company just because they’ve heard about your idea, it’s probably a pretty lame idea.

If you have a great idea and stash it under your pillow – the entrepreneur fairy doesn’t come along at night to exchange it for a great company. While great companies can benefit from good ideas, they require superior execution.

Instead you should accept that a good idea will be stolen. What you should good at executing your idea The advice is to focus on actually executing on the [tag]business plan[/tag].

I don’t fear the entrepreneur that keeps their idea from me, I fear the entrepreneur that tells the world what she’s going to do and actually makes it happen. That’s the entrepreneur we should all want to be.

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