Quick businessplan to test your idea

You would like to be an [tag]entrepreneur[/tag] and you have an [tag]idea[/tag]. If you and others should be able to analyse your idea you must write a [tag]business plan[/tag].
But before you start writing you can start with a quick business plan. Then you and others can see if your idea is good enough or if you have to make some changes to your idea in order to get a better outcome.

The quick business plan shall give answers to,

  • What a significant want or need are you going to meet
  • Who the customers are and how you intend to reach them
  • How big your intended market is
  • What margins there are in the market
  • What competition advantage you have
  • What profit potential there is
  • What working capital you need
  • When you will have a positive cash flow

As you see there are a lot of questions you have to think about and have answers to. I will come back to these questions in future post and discuss those in detail so you are prepared when you start writing the real business plan.

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