Use your genius in a better way

Dave Pollard has lately been discussing the intersection of your [tag]genius[/tag] and what´s needed. As [tag]entrepreneurs[/tag] we have a lot of ideas, some based upon what we love to do, some what are needed but without the skill from our part.

Dave thinks that maybe when identifying opportunities, you better start exploring an [tag]opportunity[/tag] with someone else instead by yourself.

He says,

But here’s another idea: Instead of starting with what you think you might want to do, what about starting with who you’d like to do it with? My top advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is don’t try to start a business yourself. The biggest problem with navel-gazing around the chart above is that it inevitably starts you thinking about working alone, doing it all yourself. Maybe the perfect work for you is working as a partner in an enterprise that does things that are wildly beyond your personal competencies and even knowledge, but draws on your skills and passion in ways that are essential to the enterprise.

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