What if you don´t like giving presentations

[tag]PowerPoint[/tag] presentation can be very good, especially if you follow certain rules, like not too many slides and writings with 30 p.
But Seth Godin has this thought:
The best presentation might be no [tag]presentation[/tag].

Step 1: get a confederate (a helper, not someone from Atlanta) to sit in the audience ready with the first obviously seeded question.

Step 2: Walk onstage. No laptop.

Step 3: “Any questions?”

Step 4: The seeded question is something like: “So, Seth, what have you been up to?”

Answer it. In English. Like the person you are, not the flat, stressed, boring person you become when you have a Powerpoint under your control.

At that point, five minutes into it, you’ve told me an honest human story about why you came and what you’re up to. Now, the audience, sufficiently engaged, will happily pepper you with questions for your entire alloted time.

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