About dealing with your e-mail

E-mails are not fun any more because of all the [tag]spam[/tag]s. But most of the informations comes over e-mail and many must have a response. So you must figure out a way hot to deal with your e-mail.

Keith Robinson gives you some tips about dealing with your [tag]e-mail[/tag] and doing your very best to respond to every legit e-mail you get in a reasonable time frame.

After you have cleaned out your inbox, which must be your first action then you can follow his tips,

What I do is have a top level folder for my each of my main alternate addresses. Within these folders I’ve got sub folders broken down various ways, depending on the needs of the address. These folders are for archival purposes only. I use them to store e-mail that doesn’t need action but may need reference.

I then have two top level folders for things that may need action. A “Waiting-Followup” folder for things I’m waiting on someone else for or things that aren’t urgent, and a “Needs Response or Action” folder for things I need to respond to. I’ve got sub folders in these to split things up by e-mail address. I usually mark messages in my “Needs Response or Action” folder for an added reminder.

Then Keith Robinson gives a few tips and observations like check your mail 3-4 times a day instead of every 10 minutes and too much automated filing can make it hard to know what’s in your archives and you run the risk of losing something important.

If you have problems with your e-mail this post is worth reading.

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