A new product Test site

alaTEST is a unique service helping consumers with their shopping decisions by objectively informing them about product quality.

On their site the say,

* providing you, at no cost, with valuable product quality information conducted by professionals representing over 600 reliable sources
* helping you to understand the millions of [tag]product tests[/tag] available both online and offline through an objective standardized quality rating calculation
* simplifying your [tag]purchase decision[/tag] by aggregating professional [tag]reviews[/tag], a quality rating, product specifications and the lowest price available in local markets

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  1. Coaching » Blog Archive » Yahoos new portal - purchase advise Says:

    [...] The products are presented in a Top 5 list. The portal is nice and a complement to the testsite I wrote about in an earlier post. [...]

  2. Amy Smith Says:

    Another alternative is findproductreview.com. They do not publish consumer comments like alatest does, but they have more expert reviews in english than Alatest. I use them both actually. Cheers! /A

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