Business idea about umbrella

Springwise and its global network of 8,000 spotters scan the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds from San Francisco to Singapore. The new business ideas are presented in their site.

I regular go there and get inspiration from some new ideas. Here is one about umbrellas.

Umbrolly, is a British umbrella vending company since two years. The company places umbrella vending units in public spaces, selling advertising space alongside brollies.

Opportunities? Umbrolly is actively seeking international distributors and franchisees, and has pointed out that smaller units mean lower start-up costs. Time to partner with them!

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  1. panasianbiz Says:

    An umbrella vending unit? I think that’s pretty neat, and the concept certainly seems to have possibilities. These would probably work well in areas that receive high foot-traffic. Thanks for posting!

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