About Complexity

Walter Baets has read an article in the quality german business magazine “Brand eins” about complexity.

For those, Walter says, of you that would still doubt about the tremendous impact of complexity on management, they give 8 ways to avoid complexit

  1. Do not do business
  2. Reduce your activities to zero
  3. Don’t leave the house
  4. Don’t call
  5. Don’t talk to anybody
  6. Stay in bed
  7. Close your eyes
  8. Stop breathing

The article is in German but Walter Baets provides a short summary.

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One Response to “About Complexity”

  1. Gary Bourgeault (managersrealm.com) Says:

    I read this posting by Walter Baets last month and feel the same way about it when I read it again. To me those he’s reporting on are from the typical command and control culture that permeates a lot of German culture.

    Complexity arguments are usually used by those attempting to secure the existing ‘priesthood’ in whatever their discipline is.

    A better explanation of what they mean by ‘complexity’ would have been more helpful I think. But overall, from their little list, it seems to simply mean being engaged with other human beings. If that is demands the type of complexity they are implying, then all of us are too simple to be successful at anything.

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