How to build a team

I found an article by Charlie Feld, “How to Build a Great Team“, that gives a great overview of what it takes to build a great team. He found that the “secret sauce” of great leaders are:

Character: Doing the Right Thing

My definition of character is …. what you do, not what you say. Not only the right thing from a business or economic aspect, but the right thing including social and philosophical dimensions….

Leadership Development: The Most Important Task

The second competency required for great execution is developing the leadership skills of your team. Organizations are seldom led by a single person, no matter how charismatic………. Since no one is perfect, everyone needs help and coaching.

Passion: The Organizational Energy Level

Passion for the job is hard to manufacture, but when present, it is contagious.

Influence and Persuasion: Better than Power

Executives tend to think it is much easier and less time-consuming to just tell their direct reports what to do. Part of leadership, however, lies in spending time to explain a directive, in giving employees perspective and in helping them understand the “why” behind the direction.

Read the story because the leaders always has the responsibility of developing people and building teams.

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