Best Sales Advice

Warren Greshes has had a career as salesman, sales manager, and now as a business owner for the last twenty years. In his blog he says that The Best Sales Advice I’ve Ever Received, he received at a young age.

Anyhow here are his best sales advice,

1. If you throw enough $#@% against the wall, something’s gotta stick. Prospecting is the most important part of the sales process. The single biggest reason salespeople don’t do enough business is because they don’t talk to enough people.

2. If you sell enough dresses, you can burn down my office. This was a direct quote from my old boss in the Garment Center in New York. It taught me a number of very valuable lessons.

3. The way you break them in is the way they’re always going to be. Establish the ground rules for a win-win relationship right off the bat and you’ll be amazed how easy it will be to get the clients to fall in line.

Warren Greshes has a lot of good advice. I quite agree that you must meet a lot of customers in order to get an order.

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