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Steve Pavlina got this question,
There are so many areas I feel I need to work on in terms of my personal growth that I don’t know where to begin. When I look at all the articles you’ve written as well as all the books, CDs, and seminars out there, it’s overwhelming. Where do I even begin?

Steve gives an interesting answer,

If you’d asked me this question in 2004, I’d have recommended you begin with goal setting, organizing, and time management.

If you’d asked me this question in 2005, I’d have recommended you begin with discovering your purpose.

If you ask me this question today, I’ll recommend you ask me in 2007.

Steve gives us four methods to follow,

Method 1: Start with your weakest area (works well for all experience levels)

Method 2: Start with your physical body (is great for beginners)

Method 3: Use your intuition

Method 4: Face your fears

Read the whole story! I myself also think that thinking about what´s really gives you pleasure in life can be a good start.

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