To be the greatest salesman

There are many books about selling. Chris Mercer in his post tells about of Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. Over the past three decades, over 40 million copies of Og’s books have been purchased. His first, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, is the #1 selling self-help book of all time and has been translated into 22 languages.

The book tells the story of how Hafid had come into possession of The Greatest Secret in the World, and of how he passed this secret along to his successor, who also became a penultimate salesman.The “secrets” of the “greatest salesman in the world” lie in ten scrolls, each of which reveals one of the main secrets of success in sales and in life.

1. Today, I will begin a new life (and read daily and remember the lessons of the scrolls).
2. I will greet this day with love in my heart.
3. I will persist until I succeed.
4. I am nature’s greatest miracle.
5. I will live this day as if it is my last.
6. Today I will be the master of my emotions.
7. I will laugh at the world.
8. Today, I will multiply my value a hundredfold.
9. I will act now.
10. Pray for guidance.

In his post Chris Mercer gives comments to all the ten scrolls. And as Mercer says. At a time of the year when many of us spend time contemplating the future and setting goals, Mandino’s book is a great starter for the process.

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