Behind the Questions

If you don’t understand the real questions beneath the standard questions, you’ll miss the opportunity to tell them what they really want to know.

That is said by Robert Middleton in his blog The More Clients. He continues, what people ask and what they really want to know are two quite different things. So, if you answer the question they ask, they don’t get the answers they want.

Robert Middleton gives examles of what to answer and what you should not say like,

The first question everyone asks us is “What do you do?”

The underlying question is , “Are you someone who can help me?” and giving examples what to answer.

“That’s great, how do you do that?” can be the next question.

Translate the question as follows: “What kind of results do you produce for your clients?” Then answer like this: The clients who work with me get these kind of results…

“That’s terrific. But how does your service work?”

Nobody really wants to know how your service works. The hidden question behind the question is: “Do your services actually work?”

Tell a story. Success stories that outline how you helped a specific client gets listeners hanging on your every word. You should prepare several success stories in verbal and written form. They are a powerful persuasion tool.

Not so hard right? You can do this quite successfully with a little practice says Robert Middleton. Read the whole story!

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