When the market is going down

Clay Nelson is known throughout the U.S. as a personal planning speaker, writer, coach, and workshop leader. In his blog he writes what to do if your business is going down. When the market is down you should you should go back to the basics of what builds businesses , he says. The basics such as communication, planning, passion, team, accountability, and leadership…

But also important is to state a purpose statement and you start every day by referring to that statement.

Keeping a positive attitude, having a plan, and not defaulting to business as usual, will make a difference in how you see yourself, your clients, your team, the economy, and your life in general, and it will effect, in a positive way, how you choose to interact with the world and the results you get. So let’s go forward and kick some tail, keeping in mind not only what you are committed to produce, but also who you are committed to be!

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