About Your Boss

According to a recent survey by Badbossology.com and Development Dimensions International, a majority of employees spend 10 or more hours per month complaining or listening to others complain about bad bosses—and almost one-third spend 20 hours or more per month.

I read that in the article Bashing the Boss.

As you know that is a habit very easy to fall in to but there is a solution according to the article:

A simple process that seems to address the destructive comment problem: Before speaking, take a deep breath. Ask yourself four simple questions: Will this comment help my company? Will this comment help our customers? Will this comment help the person I am talking to? Will this comment help the person that I am talking about? If the answers are “No, No, No and No,” there’s a simple strategy that does not require a Ph.D. to implement: Don’t say it! Read the whole story.

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