Delegate or Abdicate

Of course we all want to delegate to others but we are not sure if they can handle it, so we always give them an advice which they seem to follow. Or??

With this sort of management you cannot expect your fellows to grow. The whole situation is very good described in a post by Kathy Sierra. She calls it Micromanagement and that gives BrainDeath or Zombies.

According to Sierra you are a micromanager if:
1) Do you pride yourself on being “on top of” the projects or your direct reports? Do you have a solid grasp of the details of every project?

2) Do you believe that you could perform most of the tasks of your direct reports, and potentially do a better job?

3) Do you pride yourself on frequent communication with your employees? Does that communication include asking them for detailed status reports and updates?

3) Do you believe that being a manager means that you have more knowledge and skills than your employees, and thus are better equipped to make decisions?

4) Do you believe that you care about things (quality, deadlines, etc.) more than your employees?

Read the whole very interesting post here!

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