It´s all about trust

had a customer the other day who had no time to do the right thing because he had to do the others work. Well, he did not say so himself, but I found very soon that he did not trust his employee. In the long run that will have a very stress impact on you.

I can only quote what Carmine Coyote posted lately:

Lack of trust is probably the single greatest cause of overwork amongst leaders at every level. Because they don’t trust others:

* They can’t delegate anything other than the most mundane jobs.

* They have to attend pointless meetings, in case something is said or decided behind their backs.

* They have to be on every circulation list for the same reason.

* They have to re-do, vet, double check and edit their subordinates’ work, because they don’t trust them to do it properly.

* They have to devote time to regular boot-licking, because they suspect no one trusts them either.

Read her whole post here!

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