Working in the cloud

If you work in different locations or have more than one computer plus a laptop, which you want to use in different places, it is a bit inconvenient to have files on a disk. Sure there are USB that you can use, but you are not always certain which files you should download.

The alternative is to upload the files in the cloud, ie a server that is accessible from any computer. I have tested different ones and thought Zoho was the best one for me. Mainly I use Zoho docs where I save the current document. Additionally, Zoho has a complete office suite with writing, presentation software and a database.

Although Zoho is complete there are other options, like Google Docs and My Projects. They all have a free version.

Would you like to go even further, there is icloud where you create a virtual machine in cyberspace.

On the project side, there are many options if you’re willing to pay a penny.

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