Keeping your promises

Why do we struggle to keep the promises we make to ourselves? And why do we so often lose the struggle? Well, I’ve spent much of my thirty years as a psychologist trying to answer these questions says Steve Levinson. What I discovered is that the reason we fail to keep so many of the promises we make to ourselves is that the human mind isn’t really designed for follow through. You see, although the mind enables us to do fantastic job of figuring out what promises we should make to ourselves, the mind is also “wired” in a way that virtually guarantees that we will struggle – and usually fail – when we set out to keep our promises.

Steve Levinson, Ph.D., is a practicing clinical psychologist, inventor, author and teacher who has devoted much of his career to helping individuals and organizations follow through on their good intentions.

“This abstract is used by permission from Andy Kaufman’s free monthly newsletter ‘Horizon Time’ available at”

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