To get Attention

Sometimes I get the impression that doing a lot of things at the same time is a measure of effectiveness. But that means you can´t concentrate on what really important and maybe you will not get the right attention to your work. That’s why multitasking are so dangerous.

Carmine Coyote addresses this question in a post: People get the notion they can somehow increase their attention by doing several jobs at the same time or in quick succession. But all they do is fragment what attention they have. And that leads to distraction, muddle and still more tiredness and stress.

There’s only one cure for attention deficit in business: focus on what truly matters and ignore everything else. Above all, ignore those insidious thieves of attention called e-mails, cellphones and Instant Messaging. They can steal so much attention; they can become so addictive; they can divert so much time and energy, you won’t have enough left for your real work. You only ever have 100 percent of your attention. Split it a hundred ways and nothing gets more than one percent.
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