Your business isn’t a rehearsal

I read an excellent interview on the Brand Autopsy blog with Patricia Ryan Madson, the author of Improv Wisdom:

The subtitle of your book is “Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up.” What do you mean by that and how can business professionals apply that thinking into their job performance?

I want the reader to know that his entire life has been the preparation for this moment. I want him to trust his mind and experience. I’m not really against any kind of preparation or analysis. It is simply that time and again I see people, business professionals in particular, who substitute preparation for action. They plan when they should be executing, or trying things out. Fear of failure invites inertia or at worst, paralysis.

In her book “Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up”Patricia Ryan Madson devotes a chapter to paying attention. Here’s part of what she says:

“Life is attention, and what we are attending to determines to a great extent how we experience the world. We are usually focused on ourselves – our problems, desires, fears. We move through life half awake and ruminating, living in our heads – thinking, planning, worrying, imagining. The detail of each day takes place in front of us, moment by precious moment. How much are we missing? Almost everything.”

Well there is a lot of very useful things in her book. Patricia´s first Maxim is: Say Yes. Say yes to everything and wonderful things will happen. She means that saying no is blocking further conversation.

I have earlier said that we must focus in order to survive. Multitasking is bad for your business. So saying no is important when you had to focus yourself or your business. But that does not mean that you cannot say yes. Saying Yes means that you are giving others attention and that is important.

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  1. Patricia Ryan Madson Says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning my book, Improv Wisdom, on your helpful blog. It is kind of you to spread the word. I so hope that the ideas can be of use. May your new year be a constructive one.
    Warm regards,
    Patricia Madson
    Keep on improvising!

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