Achieving A+ in 2006

I reckon that you have set your goal now for 2006? Anyhow read a recently post by Doug Hirschhorn. He says: My purpose in this post is to challenge you to begin (if you have not already) your journey to achieving A+ in 2006.

Achieving A+ ins not so bad so what do you have to do? Well according to Doug Hirschhorn here is the list:

* Carefully assess what your strengths and weaknesses are as a person and a trader

* Reflect on what you have accomplished in the past, what typically gets in your way, and what you have done to deal with these barriers when they appeared

* Provide yourself with a clear-cut structure and game plan

* Solicit regular feedback, from those you work with or respect, on what you are doing right and wrong

* Regularly “check in” with yourself to measure accuracy, clarity, and progress

* And most importantly, gain self-awareness and accountability by writing everything down in your journal

I find this very interesting. Hopefully we are already doing this. I always say that we must have a living business plan.

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