Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business

Norman G. Grill Jr. has written an article in the Fairfield County Business Journal about cash-flow. Grill writes “Essentially, good cash management boils down to answering a few simple-to-ask but tricky-to-solve questions: How can you get paid faster? How can you pay others under more favorable terms? And, how can you do more with the money you have?

It sounds easy and he gives some more details of what to do like:

  • Establish payment expectations from the start
  • Set favorable payment terms and methods
  • Stay on top of accounts receivable
  • Negotiate more favorable terms
  • Put technology on your side
  • Hire a watchful eye

You can read the whole story and get the details but remember that every situation is different. So consult your financial advisor about your particular cash-flow situation.

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