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When I read Guy Kawasaki´s post from Steve’s Keynote I learned that Kawasaki used a technique called Filmloop to present pictures he had taken. I got interested so I downloaded the program and really it´s working.

At Filmloop´s site you can read:
Welcome to FilmLoop™. Free software to broadcast, find, and share photos.
Share photo Loops with all your friends. Link a Loop on your Blog or Web
site. Drag and drop photos directly to the desktops of your entire social network
in a live, continually updating Loop.

I found a review at PCMAG.:
Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another way of sharing digital photos, up pops a tool that breaks new ground. Look no further than FilmLoop, a free downloadable app that acts like a kind of photo “ticker,” scrolling picture after picture across your Windows desktop.

It´s worth trying. Give a comment what you think.

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