Sales and Activity Plans

* Most business owners and salespeople focus on sales and the necessity of having a sales plan. However, it’s activity that drives sales, yet hardly anyone has an activity plan.

* Most people fear rejection – yet they don’t know how much rejection they need. In other words, they have to get enough “no” responses to also get enough “yes” responses.

* Warren says: “The middle is dead: you can no longer be pretty good. In order to compete in today’s business world you have to be the cheapest or the best.” He elaborates on what this means for small businesses.

Warren Greshes says this in an interview by Anita Campbell in Small Business Trends Radio broadcast.

Warren Greshes is an experienced and highly successful sales motivational speaker who is sure to leave you enthusiastic and ready to go out and get more business. In the interview he describes a super simple, easy and dirt cheap method for organizing and tracking your own sales activity and/or the sales activity of your salespeople.

Steve Rucinski and Anita Campbell are the small business management entrepreneurs behind SMB TrendWire. You can download the Anita Campbell interview here. It´s one hour but it´s worth listening to if you are serious about sales.

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