Succeessful Culture

Been working in different companies I have seen the importance of a good culture in a company. But what is a good culture?

Ron Finklestein in his blog Creating a Corporate Culture of Success has been thinking a lot of that. He says: “Creating a specific company culture is just as important to the success of an organization as a sound business plan. In fact, the definition of how you want your corporate culture to perform should be a part of your business plan.”

Often you will hear that culture is in the walls but surely you can make changes in the right way. Ron Finklestein suggests six important steps to think about:
* How do you and how much do you empower your employees to make decisions?
* Do you delegate and what do you delegate?
* How open you are to accepting input for others?
* What types of employees do you want to hire?
* What are the values you want to embrace and promote?
* What kinds of behaviors do you want to measure and reinforce?

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