Success requires support

Jacob Cazzell asked his wife what she thought about his blog. Then he understood that you have support those who are supporting you.

What about you? Well thinking about myself I don´t always put others in the front line. We often take the people who are supporting you for granted.

Jacob Cazzell says: “As people live and work and share close relationships it’s easy to slip into a routine where the status quo and the rigors of daily life keep us focused more on our own needs and wants than on those of others around us.”

How you keep focused on them and not yourself isn’t difficult, he says.The easy part is the “doing.” The hard part is keeping your passion for them forefront every day!

Cazzell gives us a ten do-list. The four first are:

# Encourage them
# Challenge them
# Excite them
# Congratulate them

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