Slow down and feel well

I met a guy the other day. He got a new job half a year ago. He was earlier a consultant. I asked him how he liked the job. I don´t like it he said. They are working like hell and are going on everything. Never sit down and think.

I been written before about what I call [tag]multitasking[/tag] and I don´t like it. You have to slow down and think.

Carmine Coyote has in the blog Slow Leadership said it many times. “Practicing a Slow Leadership approach will, I believe, increase productivity, even as it provides a more humane and satisfying way to work.”

We get some advice too :

  • Calmness: Slowing down and avoiding rushed, emotional mistakes.
  • Clarity: Taking the time to work out specific answers to your problems.
  • Concentration: Focusing on what matters most and avoiding distractions.
  • Patience: Allowing events time to unfold fully.
  • Respect: Giving people the time and attention they need to do their jobs effectively.

So why choose any other way if [tag]productivity[/tag] will increase too?

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