Bad Habits

Do you have your e-mail software open all the time your computer is on? Do you rush to check incoming e-mails as soon as they arrive? Do you drop whatever you’re doing to send a response? Why?

That question by Carmine Coyote get me thinking of my own habits. Sure I, like many of us, take every opportunity to get away from we are doing. Even if we know that it takes a long time to focus and concentrate on a task. Thinking takes time. We know that but …..

Carmine tells us in the post: Set your priorities and stick to them. Make people aware how you’re proposing to work. Resist all their attempts to force you back into running your life by their imaginary deadlines. It isn’t worth it. They aren’t thinking about you anyway; they’re only focused on themselves, and making you jump helps them feel important. Do you want to feed their egos? My guess is they’re more than fat enough already.

The habit can affect your I.Q. Read the whole story!

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