Leadership and Courage

If you want to be successful in [tag]management[/tag], and be considered as an excellent [tag]leader[/tag] — you must occasionally demonstrate courage says Skip Angel in his post Get the courage, and then use it!

Well I would call it normal [tag]leadership[/tag]. You have to balance [tag]goal[/tag], [tag]team[/tag] and individual. Listen to the individual, get the team working together and aim for the goal. If anything of that is drifting away you must as a leader take action. And I agree with Skip that you must have a certain amount of courage in doing that.

Skip Angel conclude his post with: “If I hadn’t the courage, I wouldn’t have taken this step and lost out on a good opportunity to bring the team back to a high level of performance that they were capable of. As a manager, you are always having to make the difficult decisions. Sometimes these decisions bring with it great risk. However, if you believe that the benefits outweigh the risks and you are prepared for those risks, you need to step up and make those decisions. Otherwise, you may have other risks by not “making the call”. It is very easy for managers to focus on the simple decisions, and to stick with the “status quo”. However, if you stand still for too long, you might find yourself in a losing position and it’s then too late to take action. Your “gut” will tell you what you need to do, you just need to listen to that gut and do something about it. “

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