The VISA organisation emerged from chaos

Maybe that is the way to ensure that [tag]marketing[/tag] is not just another department (or worse – a set of departments) in a company – but rather a way of doing business, a way to behave in the marketplace. Instead of creating organizational structures with hierarchies, goals, rules and regulations we could focus instead on developing marketing DNA that can spread throughout the whole [tag]organization[/tag] and become part of the company’s fabric.

This was said by Dee Hock, who was the founder of VISA – one of the largest companies in the world. He has written a book; “The birth of the Chaordic Age”.

Francois Gossieaux gives his view of it in his post Building emergent business models. The book and Francois review are interesting because VISA ,as Francois says, is one of the few large-scale commercial entities where the organizational infrastructure is not based on a command and control [tag]hierarchy[/tag], but rather on a true emergent self-organizing infrastructure. The results – a huge company that emerged from chaos in less than 2 decades to become one of the most successful self-organizing companies in the world.

Well we all like to have a strict organization, [tag]goals[/tag] and actionplans but this can be something to think about. As important as actionplans are actions.

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