Interruptions give stress

Did you know it will take you around 25 minutes to return to full concentration on their original work after being interrupted?
A study told by Brian Donnelly in The Herald shows modern-day staff work for just 11 minutes before they are interrupted by an e-mail, phone call or a metaphorical tap on the shoulder from a colleague.
Researchers have calculated that interruptions consume an average of 2.1 hours of every working day, or 28% of the average person’s routine.

No wonder why people are stressed. Say no! Take control over your situation. Read your e-mail twice a day. Run effective meetings and don´t forget to book a meeting with yourself.

Brian Donnelly says in the article that Donald Trump, the entrepreneur who once negotiated a book deal in 15 minutes, believes in slowing down and focusing when the office gets too frenetic. He said: “I will literally take a breath and allow things to settle a bit. I also set aside quiet time each morning and evening for reading and assessing.”
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