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Jim Logan has written some articles about [tag]boosting your business[/tag] by giving a [tag]free offer[/tag]. He says:

“Having a wonderful product, outstanding back office support, and world-class people sometimes just makes you ready for business; it doesn’t put you over the top or convert prospects to customers. What you need is a compelling offer. And the most compelling of all offers is free. Make it free to become a customer.”.

But of course you must have a product or service behind your free offer and it must be free. We see it every day; a lot of free bargains and Jim Logan says it works. It is a way to boost your business. He gives in the post a few examples and tips.

But he also says “If you make a free offer and no one takes you up on it, you likely don’t have a compelling product or service. Yes, there are times when you can’t give it away. If you find you’re free offer is routinely rejected, you’re facing a situation where you’ve either failed to make the case for the product or service…or your product and service has no market.”

Jim deals with that question in another blog. If your product or service is underperforming, giving a free offer is a good way to test if there is a market for your product/service. Jim gives us five things to do to determine if the dog hunts or you need to scrap your current offering and get a new one:

  1. Offer it for free.
  2. Change markets.
  3. Change your position.
  4. Find a partner.
  5. Reconfigure it.

These two posts certainly give you an idea of what to do if you have products underperforming.
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