To learn thinking

One of the funny thing I have done on the net is to register at the School of Thinking. The school is a free email-schdool where you will be trained in thinking. In 1979, the School of [tag]Thinking[/tag] was founded to teach thinking as a skill by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono.

You choose how often you would like to have the [tag]training[/tag]. Repetition is the mother of [tag]learning[/tag].

Professor Edward de Bono, Co-founder of the School of Thinking says:

Above all, a person trained in thinking can be asked to think about something. He or she can be asked to focus thinking in a deliberate manner upon any subject. Thinking should have become a tool that can be used at will. The use of this tool should be enjoyable whatever the outcome. This applied thinking is practical–the sort of thinking that is required to get things done!

Do something funny. Register and start learning!

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