Take care of your relationsships

Do you care for your relationships and customers? Of course you do but how do they know it? I myself think a can do a lot more.
I became very happy when I read a post by Jim Logan. He made it sound so very easy to make someone happy. He says:

“Whatever you’re doing now, do this next…get your pen, place it to paper, and write a thank you note to a colleague, customer, supplier, or friend that deserves one. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be eloquent, it just needs to happen.

Personal notes of thanks are probably the most powerful thing you can do as a person in a relationship. The goodwill represented by taking the time and personal care to write a note is incredible. “

He also gives us 8 tips whereas the most important, I think, is: Make a habit of it. I´ve started. You better do it to.

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