The animal rhino can help you with your projects

Have you heard about [tag]rhino[/tag], the animal? Probably yes. Today there are 5 species and 11 subspecies of rhinos surviving on earth.
But do you know that rhinos can help you start and finish projects, writing a new book, develop a new product or whatever project you like to start or finish.

That is anyhow what Paul Johnson says. Why? Because the rhino is single-minded. When it perceives an object, it makes a decision–to charge.

Paul is talking about the Rhino Principle:
Few people think of learning from a rhino. But I have. And when I hear of an author who cannot finish or get started on a book, I send him (or her) a rhino card. I paint a watercolor of a rhinoceros on the front of a postcard–something I do well, as I’ve practiced it a great many times. And in the space next to the address I write: “Stop fussing about that book. Just charge it. Keep on charging it until it is finished. That’s what the rhino does. Put this card over your desk and remember the Rhino Principle.”

I have earlier talked about focusing and multitasking and said how important it is to concentrate in what your are doing and that is exactly what the rhino does so I quit agree with what Paul Johnson says:

This principle can be applied to many other things, particularly business. When an [tag]entrepreneur[/tag] has an object in his line of vision, he should dismiss all other considerations from his mind, abandon all other activities and charge directly at that object, continuing to charge until the object has been secured.

So keep on with the project and help others by sending them Rhino Cards!
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