Organisation has to change

In the latest edition of The Economist I read an survey: The new [tag]organisation[/tag]
When I read it I remembered an advice I gave a customer a while ago. I said that we must trust all in a company and use all the [tag]knowledge[/tag] they have.

The survey state:
“The main failing of the classic structure was that it impeded the spread of knowledge and limited the economies of scale that could be reaped. Ideas and commands moved up and down from headquarters to the units, leading to the creation of vertical “silos” with very little communication between them…………..Clearly there is a need for new kinds of organisation that are more appropriate to modern working methods.”

There is also an interview with Tim Hindle, management editor of The Economist who says:
“Companies are trying to break down their production and manufacturing processes into small units where people can sort of morph together to solve particular issues. It’s not easy. I mean, God knows it’s not easy. And it’s revolutionary—and it’s only just beginning to happen. But many companies are finding that it can be enormously more productive.”Listen to the audio interview with Tim Hindle 8:17 mins)

I hope we will see a lot of interesting changes in the [tag]company[/tag] organisation in the future.

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