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The brothers Tom and David Gardner are the founders of The Motley Fool, a site helping you to master investing on your own. They, they say, know how dangerous it is to rely on Wall Street’s “professionals” with their high fees, mediocre returns, and conflicts of interest.

They have a free series of valuing companies which are worth reading om their site The Motley Fool

This series of articles will take you through the major methods for [tag]valuing companies[/tag]. The main categories of valuation I will elucidate are valuations based on earnings, revenues, cash flow, equity, dividends and subscribers. Finally, I will sum this all up in a conclusion that positions these valuations in the broader context of fundamental analysis and gives you a sense of how to apply these in your own [tag]investment[/tag] efforts.

The articles are divided into the following sections:
1. Earnings Valuation
2. Revenues Valuation
3.[tag] Cash Flow[/tag] Valuation
4. Equity Valuation
5. Yield Valuations
6. Member Valuation

With a free membership you can also read a lot of other articles on the subject investment.
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