Vision your goals

Your work, the project or the enterprise is already guided by goals, objectives or other measurable criteria. Napoleon Hiil said in his book “Think and grow rich” that visualization is an important part together with autosuggestion.

When I saw Chris Newham article about leadership I remembered what Hill had written. Chris Newham says “There is, however, something at least as important that operates at a different level – the image of the future that you and others hold. You or your organization’s success lies in accomplishing what you and they value most and these values made visible constitute a vision of success. Such a vision unites competing priorities and provides a framework for focus and creativity.”

You can read the whole article here.

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  1. Chris Newham Says:


    Thank you for referencing this piece. In the next few weeks I expect to publish more on this important subject which I have discovered is sometimes poorly undertood and/or misinterpreted.

    Meanwhile at this url is a new blog that may be of interest to your readers. Each day I answer a submitted question on an aspect of leadership. Readers can search for answers, submit their questions and subscribe to email or RSS feeds.


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