VC would like you to pitch your message

David Cowan, a [tag]Venture Capitalist[/tag], has thought about what a VC would like to see when new businesses are presented. He says:

I know it sounds a little crazy, but indeed I’ve come to agree that a clear, compelling elevator pitch is essential to growing a business…..
The elevator[tag] pitch[/tag] forms everyone’s first impression of your venture. It needn’t be a single sentence, but the delivery ought to be measured in seconds, not minutes–like any good TV or radio commercial. In fact, other rules of advertising apply…

Be able to present your business in a few lines are a interesting task. Someone says you should start with that or maybe a page before you write a complete [tag]business plan[/tag] just to be sure you have a pitch in your business.

David Cowan then answer the question: What makes for a good elevator pitch?

  • Show Some Leg Right Away
  • Don’t Make Them Think Too Hard
  • Science Not Allowed In The Elevator
  • Establish Credibility. Name Dropping Allowed

Together with some examples this can be a good input for you.

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