Hot to get a company to grow?

You have to read this article by Nancy Hauge, Great minds at work; please pass the Cheetos. What she says is that junk-food isn´t good for your health but very good for a [tag]growing company[/tag].

“It’s always a sign of decline when a company slows down on [tag]junk-food[/tag] purchases. Many CEOs and CFOs deny the value of the kitchen. It is an easy expense to control or cut when money gets tight. It seems like no big deal. People can bring food in or buy their drinks from a vending machine. They will understand that investors don’t want the company “wasting” its limited resources buying snacks for the staff.

But the purpose of junk food is not just to give the team a little blood sugar bump at 3 p.m. When you stop supplying fun food, morale and productivity decline.

As soon as your supply of Twizzlers and Diet Coke runs out, so do your people. They leave the office to go home or go out to eat. And when people leave, even for a short lunch break, you can lose the rhythm …..”

I really hope this isn´t true. There must be some other way to to get people working. But Nancy Hauge is sure: “The lower the nutritional value of the food choices, the greater the intellectual property produced.”
Well read the article and made up your own mind.

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