Trust your intuitive thoughts

Trust your intuitive thoughts because they are products of your [tag]subconscious mind[/tag]. The subconscious mind is a very strong factor in your life. But You have to learn how to use it.

The subconscious mind is susceptible to impulses mostly emotional. It´s easy stimulated by negative emotions like fear, hatred, jealousy,revenge and greed. But you have to learn how to trigger it with positive thinking like faith, love, [tag]desire[/tag] for something and enthusiasm.

In trusting your intuitive thoughts you must be aware of what you desire most, in your life, in your business … set up goals and plans and think of what you are doing with faith, love and enthusiasm. Doing so your subconscious mind will work and you can trust your intuitive thoughts.

Debbie Call has in her blog “Spirit in Gear” written three good posts about True Guidance vs. False Guidance where she analyses the distinctions between true intuitive guidance, and ego-driven guidance (which actually sabotages us).

Debbie Call shows how easy negative thoughts can take over, so have trust in what you are doing and think positive thoughts!
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