Are your boss a monkey?

Sue Pelletier has found a press release from CareerBuilder after surveying 2 050 people saying, “Fifty-three percent of workers say they feel like they work with a bunch of monkeys. One-in-five say they think their boss is a monkey.”

In her blog Sue present the top 10 beefs.
10. The [tag]manager[/tag] who tried to get employees in another department fired for eating bagels that were reserved for an event the next day.
9. The co-worker who constantly e-mails the person who is sitting right next to her.
8. The co-worker who sits in a crowded cubicle area and insists on putting every conversation on speaker phone, including the exploits of the night before.
7. The boss who cut his fingernails while standing in his employee’s cube.

While they don’t define “monkey” in the PR, my guess is that this is not a compliment says Sue Pelletier.
I don´t think so either but you better have to red the article.
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