Trust your employees

Carmine Coyote in Slowleadership-blog put the question, What can organizations do to improve [tag]work/life balance[/tag] without losing out to less scrupulous competitors?

According to one survey:
…among all age groups, the opportunity for work/life balance was cited as the second most important recruitment/retention criterion. More than half(56%) of today’s employees rate work/life balance as a key job selection criterion, with a roughly equal percentage of men (56%) and women (58%) listing “balance” as critical.

Media articles, on and off-line, repeat the same points as survey after survey (almost all funded by consulting firms, it seems) report people are becoming tired of trying to fit their lives around ballooning work demands. But as Carmine Coyote says, Sadly, they have far less to say about how to do better—probably because they think the answer is obvious: hire the consulting firm.

So work/Life balance is important but the question is, What can organizations do to improve work/life balance without losing out to less scrupulous competitors?

A rather tricky problem but I believe what Carmine Coyote is saying, [tag]employees [/tag]more. For decades—probably for centuries—bosses have been working on the assumption the only way to get people to pay attention to their work is to keep them firmly in the workplace.

Coyote gives some good examples in the post. I remember one myself. A CEO got the advice to trust his employees but he was afraid doing that. Why? i don´t know that but I believe it is a question of loosing power. Coyote is right but it can be a tricky problem.

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