Why you need a salesman

In [tag]small business[/tag] the CEO does the sales too. Pete Caputa writes in his blog that there are situations where a [tag]salesman[/tag] is needed.
In sales, when at the stage of negotiating price, one of the most important things in a salesman’s bag of tricks is to say is, “I’ll have to check with the boss to see if that is an acceptable price. ……… The role of a CEO is to project stability. A CEO should be willing to walk away at anytime. A CEO wants the customer to believe that they can walk away from them at anytime. They don’t need their business.”

I learned that trick when I was young. We had to go and negotiate with a customer and I would like to have my [tag]CEO[/tag] with me but he said I had to go myself. Otherwise we didn´t have anyone to contact if we couldn´t close the sale.

Pete Caputa says the same thing.
So, it is perfectly fine when a salesman explains the ins and outs of why their product or service is priced the way it is. But, they don’t have to accept the price. They can posture. They can check with a superior to see if a counter-offer is acceptable.

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